I may be biased when I write that this is my favorite gallery to edit ( well it was my sisters duh) !

Of course with that being said, I can give you all in the inside scoop of wedding planning on her end and a deep dive into her wedding!

Let's start out with the days leading up to the wedding, we started to collect all the decor and things from the local thrift store that my mother and grandmother volunteer with here in Wentzville, MO. Kylie's theme was a summer in love- lots of colorful florals and almost that old money vibes. We found lots of gold, brass, and glass candle holders and vases. Along with gold charger plates. We planned on bringing in the colorful aspect with the florals!

For florals my mom placed an Sam's Club order for the flowers to be delievered on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday before the wedding. We had all the floral building day the Thursday before the wedding with about 10-12 people and arranged all the florals and kept them in the basement to keep them cool before the wedding. We also wanted to bring that wildflower look into the floral design so we drove around and picked some small white daisies and queens anns lace flowers off the side of the road (this is a little dnagerous, so maybe don't do this lol)

My bestie (Shots by Camille) allowed me to take some photos of my sisters day + it was amazing <3